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Available - Degustation Disney - Print on Stretched Canvas - 48in x 32in
Available -Degustation Disney -  Print on Canvas, Black Frame - 36in x 24in
Available -Degustation Disney - Print on Canvas, Black Frame - 24in x 16in

Degustation Disney

This one is for the kids! As Sebastian sings in "Under the Sea, "The fish on the land ain't happy, they sad 'cause they in their bowl."

This feast is one to truly relish. On today's degustation menu we have: Kiss the Bisque, Sous Vide Ursulian Tails, Grilled Flounder, Omakase a la Sebastrian, Mermaid Tail a la Plancha, and Atlantic Lobster Claw. The details make this piece one of my favorite works. The lobster dish alludes to Sebastian's hit song "Kiss the Girl," the Gusteau's menu referencing the Ratatouille sellout, the omakase boat shaped like the boat where Ariel and Prince Eric had their first date, the chopstick rest shaped like Ariel's bra, the trident shaped liked King Triton's trident.

And the dark crimson of the red wine... or is that blood....

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