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Next Generation Witty Pop Art

The Mouse Series

Mickey Mouse is one of my personal favorite cartoon characters of all time. The company he represents, Disney, is such a force that has shaped me for the better, by propagating timeless themes like how good wins against evil, why love will succeed at all odds, and how questioning the status quo can lead to progress. However, my art claims to playfully shake the foundations of these themes. What is good? What is evil? What is love? What is the status quo and from what point of view? I hope you enjoy The Mouse Series as much as I enjoyed creating them.



I aim to challenge the prevailing hegemony of pop art gatekeepers and create cultural combinations connecting iconic brands in a way that has never been done before. Witty, playful, and captivating. That's how I like it.


The beauty of modern art is that each viewer's relationship with the same art can be vastly different, a function of our different experiences in life. There is no right or wrong interpretation of my works. As you are the protagonist of the story, you can decide what you believe the art represents.

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